Sunday, July 25, 2010

How sweet it is!

Holy cow! Busy Busy Busy! Lots of stuff to do in the garden right now but its 99.9 degrees outside and getting hotter. The garden is really pumping out some yummy stuff now. The Seascape strawberry plant are producing a huge summer crop.

HELP! I can't hold them all.

The early corn is finally ready. I think the corn on the bottom is Simonet and the top corn is Pickaninny. The corn plants were started inside and then planted outside around April 20th. So it has taken over 90 days. Not really early but we had a cool spring. I think I prefer the Pickaninny. The next sweet corn to try will be Buhl. The best is yet to come. I planted two large patches of sweet corn on June 20th.

The compost bin madness continues to expand but the heat is starting to get to these pumpkins even though they are heavily mulched with straw. 

Flowers are doing what flowers do best. Looking beautiful.

Empress of India

Alisa Craig onions

Here the green onions that I transplanted.

The peanuts continue to slowly grow.

Hot Hot Hot in the pepper garden! I have been busy bagging flowers.

Rows of peppers, each one a different variety. The neighbor and I tried one that was supposed to be Rougelands Bell. Well it was a little black pepper. Definitely not Rougelands and wooowee hot!

Pumpkin Cat!

Cats and pumpkins are cool!

This squash is trying to eat my corn. I think this corn is close to 10 feet tall.

Melon row on the right, then another tomato row, then fruit trees and stuff. That is Yikes Stripes zucchini in front.

A pole bean that does not seem to be producing and tomatillos. 

OK I'm really really excited about this! Fruit of the potato plant!!! I specifically sent away for varieties of potato that had a high likelihood of producing true potato seed (TPS). This variety is Lekssans Vit. I am also growing some plants that are started from true seed this year the I got from Tom Wagner. Now I will be able to grow from my own seed and hopefully I will get time to start breeding my own varieties. Rebsie Fairholm recently posted a couple (1) (2) of excellent articles about breeding potatoes and TPS on her blog Daughter of the Soil.  

Sweet potatoes never showed up from the Sandhill Preservation Center so I have decided to try planted a large trial of late planted carrots. July 24th? Am I crazy? Seventeen selections of carrot plus beets, radishes, turnips, rutabagas, and even Tainong Emperor Heading Mustard. Now I just need to find space for more lettuce, swiss chard, and those delicious Provider bush beans.

Thanks Ned! Turns out that Periquita Reserva 2005 is a great match with sweet corn and strawberries!


  1. Good heavens, those strawberries are huge! I might have to switch varieties. Mine did great last year, so far not much this year.

    I checked on when I began harvesting July 27th 2008 planted carrots, and I pulled young ones on September 27.

    We left for AZ the following month, so I don't know how large they got before the ground froze.

  2. Thanks for the carrot info granny! I will dig into them in the middle of October and see what i got. :,)

  3. Beautiful vegetables gardens! You put us to shame... Sue~

  4. Wow, your pumpkin plant is enormous! Do you grow it on your compost pile? Those strawberries sure look delicious!

  5. So lovely to see these overview pictures of all parts of your garden. Thanks for the tour! Those potato fruits are amazing, I didn't even know such things existed.

  6. Yay! Someone else that grows peanuts! And can the "pumpkin cat" come and crouch by my melons and watch for whomever is eating them at night LOL?! So glad I had some time to surf back on your posts today, beautiful gardens!

  7. HI meemsnyc,

    I had a compost pile and then I moved it. Pumpkins just came up on their own in both spots. They are both getting ginormous! I thought I only grew two pumpkin types in my community garden plot last fall but these pumpkins look a bit different than either. Maybe a cross between what I grew (Australian Butter or Honey from Turkey) and something like Atlantic giant.

  8. Nice, so you had volunteer pumpkins. Cool. Question, where did you buy your Seascape strawberries? That's amazing that it keeps producing fruit!

  9. The strawberries in the photo are from These are the plants that produced a second crop of large berries. Then I planted 200 more seascapes and 100 aromas late June. These plants are producing a crop of smaller berries now. The second batch of plants I got from