Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Halloween Tomatoes!

These OSU Blue P20 tomatoes got really dark! We got them picked right before the first frosts on October 25th and 26th.

Here is a listing of the tomatoes we grew this year with ratings from one to five stars and a few notes.

Survivors*** -random seed from last years surviving plants
Seattles Wolly Mammoth*** 
Green Lanterns Lights***
Green Zebra****
Bulgarian #7****
Goose Creek***** -earliest tomato with WOW flavor and sweetness!
Mehringer Family***
AAA Sweet Solano***
Amish Paste***
Michael Pollan* -blossom end rot
Berkley Tie-Dye Heart***** -large and meaty
Searching For The Blue Zebra**
Red Barn***
OSU Blue P20***** -amazingly productive and disease resistant
Black Cherry***** -huge plant, great flavor
Bonito Ojo* -slug magnet!
Box Car Willie***** -really good year for this one
German Red Strawberry****
Cherokee Purple*** -some years this is great, just average this year
Wolford Wonder*****
Green Giant*** -just ok this year
Clockman's Brandywine****
Aunt Ginny's Purple***** -huge and delicious!
Val's Red Nibbler**** -must try this again, interesting
Sun Gold***** -YUM!
V.R. Moscow**
Ida Gold**
Cougar Red**
Moscow, ID***
Seattle Best of All**
Gem State**
Bonner**** - earliest
Washington Cherry**
Principe Borghese**** -good cut in half and dried
Dansk Export**
Dancing With Smurfs**