Sunday, January 23, 2011

My pepper evaluations for 2010

Rated from zero to three stars.

  *** -  Guachinango Jalapeno -very productive‚ my favorite of the jalapenos thus far‚ tied for pepper of the year 2010 
  *** -  Italian Relleno -loaded with great smelling awesomely tasty sweet peppers with a touch of heat‚ tied for pepper of the year 2010 
  *** -  Joe's Long Cayenne -the best cayenne pepper 
  *** -  Royal Black -awesome early hot thai like pepper 
  *** -  Thai Dragon -tall stately beautiful plant‚ loaded with peppers‚ wickedly hot 
  **  -  Black Cheslovakian -mild jalapeno type‚ early maturing to red‚ good producer 
  **  -  Black Scorpion Tongue -purple turning red habanero like 
  **  -  Chihaucle Negro -average production but awesome flavor when roasted 
  **  -  De Arbol(Mexico) -nice   
  **  -  Donkey Ears TSF -thick walled huge long red pepper with good flavor 
  **  -  Dragon Tongue -very interesting‚ possibly mislabeled 
  **  -  F1 Hybrid Biker Billy -very productive and very hot‚ some corking 
  **  -  Greygo Korbely's -huge glorious pimentos 
  **  -  Guajillo (Mexico) -nice drying type 
  **  -  Hot Portugal -loaded! Hot red peppers for drying 
  **  -  Little Nubian -very nice plant‚ dark purple pods maturing to red 
  **  -  Orange Bell -awesome bell pepper‚ might be a three star plant 
  **  -  Orange Thai -very productive and very hot‚ nice ornamental plants 
  **  -  Red Ruffled Pimento -nice sturdy productive plant 
  **  -  Serrano (Mexico) -nice   
  **  -  Szentesi Kosszarvo -large productive pimento 
  **  -  Ancho 101 -best ancho type of 2010  
  **  -  Black Scorpion Tongue -purple turning red habanero like 
  **  -  Chihuacle Negro -average production but awesome flavor when roasted 
  **  -  Donkey Ears -thick walled huge long red pepper with good flavor 
  **  -  Odessa Market -beautiful and productive orange/red pointy bell‚ out of seeds :.( 
  **  -  Pasilla Bajio -very nice tall plant‚ needs to be well staked 
  **  -  Red Ruffled Pimento -nice sturdy productive plant 
  *   -  Amy -blocky and pointy yellow bell with above average production 
  *   -  Ancho Mulato Isleno -big plant‚ worth trying again 
  *   -  Bulgarski Ratund -big pimento type on sprawling plant 
  *   -  Buran -nice blocky red peppers 
  *   -  Cat Red Macskapiros -sprawling plant loaded with nice red peppers  
  *   -  Cat Yellow Macskas√°rga -small plant that was loaded with skinny yellow pepers 
  *   -  Chimayo -good drying type 
  *   -  Chinese Giant -very productive but some sunburn 
  *   -  Italian Sweet -large pointy late pepper 
  *   -  Jwala -like de arbol 
  *   -  Keszthelyi -blocky and pointy 
  *   -  Little Elf -small ornamental plant‚ good candidate for overwintering on your windowsill 
  *   -  NuMex Suave Orange and Red mix -late‚ loaded with mild habanero type peppers‚ tall nice looking plants  
  *   -  Not Mexican Habanero -strangest plant of 2010‚ definitely not a habanero‚ pointy pods that dry on the plant 
  *   -  Orkhid -huge very late maturing plant with interesting ornamental peppers‚ not for northerners 
  *   -  Ozark Giant -average bell pepers on nice plants 
  *   -  Ozharovski -nice plant with upward growing bell peppers 
  *   -  Pelso -interesting plant with blocky pointy peppers 
  *   -  Phuljadi -very late‚ very ornamental‚ very productive‚ and very hot! 
  *   -  Piroska -a nice pimento type 
  *   -  Roguelands Bell -fat bell pepper 
  *   -  Yellow Monster -the largest bell pepper but not very productive 
  x   -  Aji Amarillo -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  Ancho (Poblano) -weak plants 
  x   -  Ancho Burpee -weak plants 
  x   -  Ancho San Luis -weak plants 
  x   -  Bogyiszloi -diseased 
  x   -  Bolivian Rainbow -ornamental type‚ diseased 
  x   -  Botinecka Zuta -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  Brazilian Churchbell -like orkhid but smaller and earlier 
  x   -  Byal Valinov -blocky yellow type 
  x   -  Cherry -small round and hot 
  x   -  Csipke -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  Cubanelle -odd 
  x   -  F1 Hybrid Socrates X3R -weak plants 
  x   -  F1 Hybrid Spanish Spice -a waste of space 
  x   -  F1 Hybrid Tawny Port -underperforming bell pepper 
  x   -  F1 Hybrid The Godfather -small plant‚ very disappointing 
  x   -  Grandpa's Home -loaded with small hot red peppers 
  x   -  Greygo Ruud's -pimento type‚ small plant 
  x   -  Hebur -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  King of the North -upward growing bell peppers‚ average 
  x   -  Korona -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  LaCrime di Cristo -loaded with small hot red peppers‚ like grandpas home 
  x   -  Liebesapfel -pimento type‚ not noteworthy 
  x   -  Melrose -rellano type 
  x   -  Portugese Goat Heart -average pimento type 
  x   -  Purira -ornamental upright growing peppers‚ purple-yellow-red‚ average production 
  x   -  Red Crystal -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  Red Peter -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  Red Savina -diseased 
  x   -  Relleno -nothing special 
  x   -  Ruby (Ukrainian) -beautiful but only a couple peppers‚ purple tips with orange and yellow 
  x   -  Siuriya -grown but not evaluated 
  x   -  Sweet Chocolate -wrinkley pointed chocolate bell peppers 
  x   -  Sweet Spot XCR3 -banana type‚ not too exciting 
  x   -  Yellow Peter -low production