Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confluence corn project

Other than growing some strawberry popcorn about 20 years ago this is my first time growing corn. I'm planning on growing a bunch of different varieties each year and letting them cross pollinate. Eventually I hope to have unique varieties that are well suited to my climatic conditions. Who knows what I will end up with? I'm just going to keep my eyes and mind open and have fun! This year I have decided to try a three sisters approach. I have made circles (A-L) and ovals to plant the corn in and will space two seeds in each hole 1ft apart except for circles A and B were planted with one plant each from plants started indoors. I need to take better notes but I think i planted in late April. In between the circles I have planted squash and I plan on planting some pole beans when the corn gets up past my knees. If you have any ideas or tips for me please post them as this is all new for me.

Here is a list of the varieties I have planted:

Circle A = Painted Mountain, Bear Island Flint, Japonica
Circle B = Pickaninny, Simonet
Circle C = Oaxacan Dent, Mandan Bride, Maiz Morado
Circle D = Buhl
Circle E = Giant Incan White, Chires Baby (poor germination, need to replant)
Circle F = Chulpi Cancha (poor germination, need to replant)
Circle G = Country Gentleman, Blood Brothers, Silver Queen
Circle H = Vadito Blue, Tarahumara Rosari, Tepehuan Elote
Circle I = Hopi Blue, Six Shooter, Texas Shoepeg
Circle J = Strawberry Popcorn, Hopi Pink, Anasazi Flour
Circle K = Giant Silo
Circle L = Maize Morado, Seneca Red Stalker, Hickory King Dent (Yellow)

Some of the plots have poor germination so I will be replanting with a mixture of selected darker red kernels from Painted Mountain, Bear Island Flint, and Mandan Bride.

Here is a list of the squash I have planted

Between B and D = Australian Butter
Between C and E = Batwing Type
Between K and L = PA Dutch Crookneck
Between F and C = Latah Orange
Between G and A = Oregon Homestead
Between H and F = Lower Salmon River
Between J and G = Shishigatani
Between I and H = Jumbo Pink Banana
Between M and J = Musquee de Provence ( no germination ? )

I also have some volunteers from where I used have a compost bin and some in the current compost bin as well. Pumpkins? Maybe the squash will overtake everything?

In addition to this I will be planting a large oval (Circle M) of Maple Sugar Sweet Corn towards the end of June.

Also planted a row of sunflowers on the north side of all this.

My only problem is this area where I planted all the corn is kind of shady in the afternoon. I think the early varieties will do fine but I'm not sure about the later ones???

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

garlic plot

Well I already posted a picture of the garlic plot but here is the before picture.

I have this small plot really loaded up now with garlic, two types of peas, two types of shallot, a tomato, some peppers, tomatillos, and a pole bean from Japan. I even planted a fig tree in the corner. Hopefully I can get a picture of the peas flowering. I'm really excited about it because it is a baking pea and sounds delicious. I'll let you know the specific varieties a little later.

A walk in the forest

Sometimes I get lucky and get to take a walk in the forest. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I worked for 13 hours today in the gardens and
now I'm a giant dirtball.

So busy!