Corn Project

Each year I plan on growing a diverse variety of corn and mixes of cross pollinated corn from previous years. At times I may also make some controlled crosses and do some selections. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Confluence Corn Mass Cross Mix 2010 - first generation

Plot A - Painted Mountain, Bear Island, Japonica - planted April 24th from transplants

Plot B - Pickaninny, Simonet - planted April 24th from transplants

Plot C - Oaxacan Green Dent, Mandan Bride, Maize Morado

Two beautiful stalks of Oaxacan Green Dent Corn

I found a couple of sweet kernels on my Oaxacan green cobs. I'm planning on growing more Oaxacan green and sweet corn together next year to get more of these kernels to grow out.

Plot D - Buhl

Small plot of Buhl. I had high hopes of this being a really good sweet corn. I did not really care for the texture and taste.

Plot E - Giant Incan, Chires Baby

Plot F - Chulpi Cancha

Chulpi Cancha stands nearly 15 feet well over the top of the other 10 foot tall tasseling corn to the left. Update: The day after I posted the photo below a major wind storm leveled the Chulpi Cancha and most of my Silver Queen sweet corn.

The base of the stalks almost look like bamboo.

One of the three stalks of Chulpi Cancha. This stalk fell over August 24th when starting to tassel. I'm going to try to cross this with Silver Queen that is also starting to tassel.

Plot G - Country Gentleman, Blood Brothers, Silver Queen

Plot H - Vadito Blue, Tarahumara Rosari, Tepehuan Elote

Vadito Blue?

A strange cob with kernels forming outside the husks.

Plot I - Hopi Blue, Six Shooter, Texas Shoepeg

A nice fat cob from plot I. This plot is one of the best but I do not see any "six shooter". Most stalks are about 10 feet tall with two cobs.

Plot J - Strawberry Popcorn, Hopi Pink, Anasazi Flour

Nice looking cobs. Plot J looks good.

Plot K - Giant Silo

Although growing in partial shade some of the Giant Silo is still growing great. Ears are forming well above my head and some stalks are about 13 feet tall.

Plot L - Maize Morado, Seneca Red Stalker, Hickory King Dent Yellow

Plot M - Maple Sugar - planted June 20th

Maple sugar on August 14th

Plot N - Silver Queen - planted June 20th

Silver Queen on August 25th just starting to tassel.

next year - "the giants"