Monday, June 27, 2011

Corn Plots

Here is a list of corn I'm growing this year. I'll add it to the corn tab and then add a few notes and photos as I have time.

Plot A = This plot is an attempt to breed very early varieties or maintain an early diverse mix. Each year I will plant on St. Patrick's Day. It consists of a few rows of mixed sweet corn and a few rows of other types from last years earliest plants. Some of the plants have begun to tassel. This plot also contains a single plant from a wrinkled (sweet) kernel that was green (from Oaxacan Green). I have plants bred from regular Oaxacan Green, Bear Island Flint, Painted Mountain, Pickaninny, Simonet, etc. in this group.

Plots B thru J planted April 24th

Plot B = Warner's and John Beecham Hierloom

Plot C = Daymon Morgan's Kentucky Butcher and Chinmarked (from blueadzuki)

Plot D = Cherokee White Flour and Bloody Butcher

Plot E = Maiz Morado

Plot F = Pungo Creek Butcher (only chocolate colored seeds) and Maiz Blanco Iturbide

Plot G = Chulupi Cancha and All Over Red Cancha (from blueadzuki)

Plot H = Maasiqa'o Hopi Blue (grey-blue, I just learned there are three types of Hopi Blue corn from this site-> Kokopelli's Kitchen) and Virginia White Gourd Seed

Plot I = CFMCM Blue Hopi (unknown type) x Texas Shoepeg

Plot J = Seneca Round Nose

Plots K thru R planted May 8th

Plot K = Pickaninny

Plot L = Joseph's Most Diverse "Mini Purple Select"

Plot M = Astronomy Domine (started tasseling today June 27th - 676.7 GDD - 50F base)

Plot N = Sparkler

Plot O = Double Red

Plot P = Joseph's Most Diverse "Color Select"

Plot Q = Festivity

Plot R = Nauset (synergistic)

Plot S = Iochief

Plot T = Soltera Morado

Plot U = Texas Honey June

Plot V = Rainbow Inca

Plot W = Waxy Grex plus a few Blue Waxy (not sure if the Blue Waxy geminated)

Plot X = four sections of CFMCM 2010 (early sweet, late sweet, early flour/flint, late flour/flint)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 25th Photos

Park Lake mint

 Bee magnet

5 feet tall and rising!

Sweet Corn

Is it a weed, flower, or vegetable?

Volunteer tobacco

Monday, June 6, 2011

Before and After

Before weeding and thinning the corn plots


 Custom weeding / tilling tool

Blue on Blue