Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things are really starting to grow! :,)

I have been really busy working out in the yard this weekend. Todays excitement was setting my hand on the engine of a hot rototiller and burning myself. Always wear gloves when operating equipment. Also be careful not to step on nails. My foot still hurts. Here are some photos of the garden with short descriptions.

Monk's Madness straw-bale peas.

Just some peas. These pods were really stringy so I am growing them out for shelling.

From right to left. peppers, strawberries, potatoes, onions/mix of greens and herbs, beans and potatoes grown from true seed, more onions and stuff (like beets and carrots), peanuts, soon to be sweet potatoes, wine grapes, more wine grapes, paste tomatoes, more pastes tomatoes, more peppers and tomatoes, raspberries/blackberries, good bug attracting plants, row of ornamental wheat, cover crop rows of alfalfa/buckwheat/clover (yet to be planted), microclover along the fence-line. Well the last few rows did not quite fit on the photo.

Here is one of my three sisters circles for the confluence corn project. The squash in the foreground is from where I had the compost bin before it was moved. There are also some melon, potato, and tomato volunteer plants. Things here seem to be growing quickly. The questions are will the squash overtake the corn and when do I plant the beans?

Peanuts in Idaho? I attempting to grow two different varieties of peanuts. One is a hierloom black peanuts from the southeast and the other I bought as raw peanuts for boiling from CB's nuts. I still need to try boiled peanuts as I have never had them before. The picture below is the CB's nuts variety just starting to sprout. Did you know that peanuts are high in resveratrol?


  1. hello happyskunk. your straw-bale peas look fantastic-- as does your farm as a whole!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Daishin. :,)

  3. I remember my dad growing peanuts in Lewiston. It was just one plant, but they grew just fine.

  4. My dad told me that his dad used to grow peanuts in Mesa, Wa. So I have to try it!