Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photos from Mexico

Just wanted to post a few photos from a trip I took to Mexico a few years ago. I wish I would have brought back some vegetable seeds with me. This first photo is some corn vendors in Jalapa. The corn they sell is not sugary sweet like the corn they sell in the States. I noticed that there was corn growing almost everywhere I went. If anyone is visting this site from Mexico or South America please send me some of your vegetable and especially corn seeds. I should have plenty of seeds to trade this winter.

Vegetable display in Jalapa

Potato digger somewhere in the mountains of Mexico.

The taco on the right is made with corn smut. The taco on the left is pig fat.

Corn growing near Parque Nacional El Chico.

Burros are everywhere too. Burros are cool!

Corn growing 10 km north-east of San Miguel Del Valle, Oaxaca. They serve delicious garlic fried trout here.

Blurred corn field with Popocat├ępetl in the background.

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