Monday, July 25, 2011

July Photos

Maiz Morado

Front left: Pickaninny Back left: Joseph's Most Diverse: Mini Deep Purple Selection Center: Astronomy Domine Right: Sparkler


Double Red




Joseph's Most Diverse - Color Selection


Rainbow Inca

Rutabaga seed

Soltera Morado




Val's Red Nibbler




  1. What an impressive garden! Are you feeding the entire town of Lewiston? ;-)

    I'm curious about all the varieties of corn tasseling at the same time. Aren't you afraid it will cross pollinate? Will the varieties grow true? I've always heard different varieties shouldn't be grown closer than 300 feet from each other for that reason.

  2. I'd like to get my hands on those Rutabaga seeds :o) We love them and can't wait to get them growing for fall season.

  3. HI Granny, I'm trying to get my corn to cross pollinate so I have a genetically diverse mix. Some of the sweet corn I'm growing in already a mix of over a hundred varieties. Check this out ->

    Gingerbreadhouse7, I would be happy to share some of my rutabaga seeds with you. They are a cross of several varieties and there may even be some turnip and other stuff in there. I'm guessing it will be 95% rutabaga though. Here is a link about breeding adaptivar landraces ->

  4. Very interesting! How nice to be able to plant corn four weeks before the last frost date, but even more interesting is that he is developing corn that has the "reliability and good taste of old fashioned heirloom sweet corn with the added sweetness of modern hybrids". Many of us try to find varieties that will adapt to our climates, but you are taking it one step farther by breeding varieties that will naturally adapt to your climate.

  5. Finally, someone growing Maiz Morado. :) I bought some seed a while back, but afterwards I found out that the variety is (supposedly) very daylength sensitive and doesn't start tasseling / silking until late September in the mid-latitude parts of the USA. When does it start making ears for you in Idaho? (I live about 10 degrees south of you, so it'd be a little earlier for me.) And how tall does it grow? I'd like to breed Morado and another tropical corn with several temperate heirlooms for a diverse composite. Love the pictures, by the way. :)