Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another day without frost

Sweet corn in November and the carrots I planted late (July 24th). Next year I need to plant them a few weeks earlier. The purple carrot (Black Knight) did well because I did not have very much seed. All the other carrots were spaced way too close together. I think I need to plant the late carrots the first week of July. The radishes planted at the same time could be planted a week later. Next year the first week of August for late radish.

Potato beans


  1. Wow, I have never seen purple carrots before. They are awesome. What do they taste like?

    Re: digging up pepper plants! Yes, they do look smaller outside than inside. Be careful, it becomes addictive! I have so many pepper plants now inside my house! Some have baby peppers growing on them.

  2. I only tried one small piece of the purple carrots. It tasted surprisingly carrot like. I'm saving all of them to replant and hope to get tons of seed next year. I also have a large yellow carrot to replant for seed. Yellow + Purple = Yelurple ?

  3. Hi Happy Skunk,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love skunks!
    You can buy seeds for Trumpet Squash at Renee's Garden seeds, right here:
    climbing trobetta, on the left.
    They were FANTASTIC.
    I will grow them again next year. So fun.
    Happy gardening and nice to meet you,